Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Now you have me confused Bex as you dont use it in the day so what do you use it for? Just walking maybe? That would be a single programme normally.
Changing the pulse width and amplitude is available to me but once I find the right settings it is basically where it should be and it stays there indefinitely. It is normally just part of the initial setup
.A lot of models have the facility to prgramme upto four different pre sets so it is not neccessary or in some models possible to manually do the changes by remote. The recognised problem is that if a patient has the availability to change it they invariably get into difficulty and it then has to be all set up again in clinic. If you do not have different programmes ask them for more control or for them to spend more time getting it right for you by coming and going to the clinic several times on the same day trying it out with as near normal activity as you can.