Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Bex experiment for you. When you go to bed turn it to the lowest level when you are positioned as you would feel it most. Turn it right down to barely a ripple whichy should mean if you change your posture at all you will not feel it at all. Because you cannot feel it it doesnt mean it isnt working and you may well find that your pain doesnt escalate during the night. The pulsing will always increase in different positions and I can move my spine and control mine over quite a range without using the remote at all. It is like loud music…it distorts the effect if you are not careful and makes things worse. The aim isnt to “drown” the pain with another sensation but to purely distract the message from nerve to the brain which can be done with no feeling of the buzzing at all. Try it one night and then if it works build on it during the day. None of the people setting mine even know what the sensation is or what they are actually causing simply because they havent got one. They are totally dependant on the patient.