Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Paul I am fascinated as you are the first person that I know of that has been given the levelling format. I chased it up as I have a manual controller an the difference betwwen soft running and hard running is 50 “bleeps” each about one second each. Makes me feel a bit stupid getting up and bleeping for almost a minute so I asked about the new model. It was explained to me that it is not all about level but all the other postures. The Consultant ( not Walton) also said that he had poor results with the model generally. It will be of great interest to me to know how it all works out for you. On the basis of theory it should be wonderful as I think you can also self adjust and correct any errors but for some reason it is not turning out as a Medtronic goal scorer. Keep us informed.
Hope it all goes better soon Bex and stick to it