Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14

welsh paul

Hi Bex I had my stim trial Jan2011,then implant in jJune2011 at Walton.Reprogrammed in September after Stim stopped working.Ok for a while but now only works in certain positions.When I move my body to left or right or lean forward or back it fades to nothing.I have stim on 24hours a day.When I lie down to sleep I get good stimulation but when I wake up {lots of times}no stim again till I stand up.It then fades after time,a bit like if the battery is wearing out.I recharge the battery every day as advised.My stim is Medtronic self leveller.I will try to last out till my next appointment in Jan.I hope this is of help to you.Welsh Paul.