Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


Bex after this length of time you IPG should not be in a position to “flip” as the tissue should grow around it and hold it firm. Have you lost weight maybe? It may feel that it gets top heavy but it should not be free to move to any great extent. Sometimes they are initially stitched and if it remains a problem they will place it deeper which is a different surgery. I think things are a bit turned around in your mind as it cannot work if it is in the wrong place and effectively you are having the stimulation in another area which will aggravate other things particularly muscles. If your trial worked then you do atleast know it does work for you. The surgery like all surgery is not pleasant but it can be worthwhile. The new Medtronic Self Leveller has not got the best of reputations as yet so I wouldnt tend to thing more expensive and more technical is better. It is horses for courses and the opinion of your Consultant is the best advice. If you look at the scs thread poor Nicky is in the NHS system which we are not experiencing any great urgency from at the moment. We are along with replacement hips and knees being low on priorities so keep nagging your Consultant. If you are at Exeter for treatment there are others on the scs thread. Take care