Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – SCS Part 14


I think that your new lead may help tremendously as if the help cannot reach the right place then whatever you do turning it up/down etc will make no difference. The lead placement decides the area and is adjustable but out of the margin it is a waste of time. Having said it wont work you could be making things worse by trying to achieve the impossible. Effectively running high in the wrong place is distorting the wrong thing completely and it would be better not running. Running high in the right place is not always good either BUT the battery life does not come into it. If it runs out having worked that is a plus if it lasts longer and doesnt work what a waste! It is about quality of life while it works misery when it doesnt so if it does use it and when it doesnt hope it soon gets back to where it should be. It may never reduce your pain med regardless unfortunately. Have faith if they get it right it is a good help