Reply To: Spinal column stimulation

Sweet Caroline

Hi guys….yes im paranoid now about infection but I had district nurse in today and she checked the wounds which are looking fine so thats another day to the good.
Liz….when the stim was turned on i felt some sensation and as it was increased all i felt was the sensation and it dawned on me i didnt feel my pain….that was the moment it was all worth while !!!and they actually got the bottom of my foot too that to me was wonderful as i had a lot of pain there.
Rob its human nature to be nervous with something like this…. i was PETRIFIED and at one point would have called it off but it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought
I wish all of you well and cant thank you enough for the support you have given me…i am soooo glad i found this site because talking to people who know about this is great as no one i know has ever heard of it.i will keep you updated on how things are going .xxx