Reply To: Spinal column stimulation


Hi all,
good news thats what i like to read.
Caroline its fantastic that your getting pain relief already. Like u i didnt have a trial period as they were happy that the stimulation was in the right place. having 1 op would decrease the risk of infection. ive had 9 replacement but thankfully ive never had an infection.
The problems that ive had to deal with is When we go on holiday i have to be bodily searched as you cant go through the dectors. if your flying take a letter from the hospital. I was also told that the scs could set alarms ringing from the detectors in shops but that hasnt happened to me. The problem ive found is i cant have an mri scan so they now use ct scans instead.
Liz your next hun how exciting is that im so happy for you im looking forward to comparing notes. Im still struggling my consultant was shocked that there isnt an infection as the scans showing inflamation or something. Hes going to re scan in 6 weeks time. Unfortunately my pains still really severe but for a 3rd fusion and a 20 year history i knew it wasnt going to be a miracle cure i have to take 1 day at a time and hope that once the inflammation goes down things may settle.
Rob like you im so grateful for all the
friendship that we have formed from talking to eachother on this site. your help and advice through tough times has been an incredible support so thank you my friend i wish you all the luck in the world. talk to you all soon lots of love Nicky