Reply To: Spinal column stimulation

Sweet Caroline

Hi folks, its done and dusted phewwwwww thanks god…..I was so scared going into that theatre on Thursday but Rob I thought of you and the people who have fought for this or had to pay for it and told myself how lucky I was to be getting it.
It went fantastic getting the local anesthetic was the worse bit really…..after a short time and some discomfort they turned it on and right away i felt it …after another short time I had the feeling going all the way down both buttocks, thighs and feet….I then burst into tears when he told me he was going to go ahead and implant instead of giving me the trial …it was all done in less than 2 hours and all done under local…..I was buzzing when I went into recovery room…..during it all I told myself to just let it happen and hopefully it would be over quickly and it was.
So far so good and yes it will be programmed over the next few weeks but I am using it evry day for a short time when im sitting down as if i move my arms or head when its on its changes the power of it and its quite scary…I guess its just getting used to it….I am paranoid now about infection but evrything is good at the moment.
Im using my laptop and wondering should i be?…its wireless there are so many things I have to learn yet……but I am so glad I went ahead with it.
Thank you all again for your support…Rob and Liz Dont worry as im sure you will feel the same when its