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by Jan Sadler
Woman’s Weekly Magazine voted Perfect Relaxation the very best CD for relaxation.

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The Perfect Relaxation recording has a variety of inspiring relaxation and visualisation tracks especially designed to relieve stress and increase health and well-being. The soothing tones of Jan’s voice allow you to drift down into a state of pure relaxation. You are then led, in your imagination, to a scene where you will find peace, comfort and deep relaxation – allowing any tension and stress to float free.

Track Titles
1 Talk about relaxation/visualisation
2 The One Minute Relaxer
3 The One Minute Mood Booster
4 The Five-Minute Time-out
5 Float Free from Tension
6 A Tropical Paradise Visualisation
7 Your Secret Hideaway – A walk in the Valley
8 Your Secret Hideaway – A walk in the Valley (with music)

Michael, from England, loves the Perfect Relaxation CD, he says,
“Thank you for the wonderful CD. I am so pleased with it! I’ve been listening to it a lot and it really helps me relax. It’s very full and varied, with short breathing exercises, a body scan and some beautiful visualisations. I love the old tree by the stream and the valley with the patchwork fields. The ‘Secret Hideaway’ track is gorgeously relaxing with or without the music. Lovely places to take myself to when I’m feeling anxious. I look forward to listening to it often – thank you, Jan, for ‘Perfect Relaxation’ – I think it’s my favourite of them all!

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