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by Jan Sadler, MBE
Holland & Barrett’s researchers voted this CD top of all the sleep CDs they listened to, as did Woman’s Weekly Magazine.

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This recording is the 65 minute CD that is included in Jan Sadler’s book, A Good Night’s Sleep. The recording is totally peaceful and beautifully relaxing, sleep is virtually guaranteed! The well-proven methods included on the CD combine to reduce stress and anxiety through the day and bring peaceful and tranquil sleep right through the night – every night.

Track Titles
1 Introduction
2 Stop and Breathe technique
3 Peaceful Sleep Affirmation
4 Peaceful Sleep Body Scan
5 Visualisation Introduction
6 House of Dreams Visualisation
7 Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine Introduction
8 Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine to use at night

Phil (England) loved this CD, he said,
A Good Night’s Sleep is superb, it has restored me to excellent sleep quality after years of dreadful insomnia. I can recommend it to anyone in pain or ‘just’ with insomnia, like me. It’s life-changing. Thanks so much, Jan.



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