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    Does anyone take Sativex on prescription ?
    I asked my GP today if I could try it as I’m in constant pain with Fibromyalgia
    plus other painful conditions, was told that my practice doesn’t prescribe it.
    If I lived in a different area I might get it prescribed. !! It’s proven to help fibro pain.
    I’ll have to move house !!



    Hi Hope,

    So it’s the postcode lottery again?! It seems daft, doesn’t it.

    I wish there was some magic drug that could help us all!

    Annie x



    Hi Hope, Sorry I dont have any experience with that drug never even heard of it.
    but do understand about constant pain as i live with it every day at varying levels. i do not have fibromyalgia. but chronic lower back and pelvis pain with nerve damage/pain and arthritis after fractured pelvis and 2 spinal ops. been living with it for about 20+ years. so feel for you its not nice and at times can feel desperate for pain to stop. it’s a sad case of todays world that some people have to move to get something should not be the case to up root your life and home. Have you asked why your surgery doesn’t prescribe it? probably something to do with funding to your practice. any way hope some one on here can help you answer your question on Sativax. I take it you have tried everything else to try and relieve your pain to a more manageable level.Have you tried getting it through pain clinic. if not ask them about it. take care and best wishes Lee



    Hi Annie
    Yes it’s the postcode lottery !! It’s not fair is it .

    Hi Lee
    I too have lower back and pelvic pain with some nerve damage , it’s excruciating at times.
    Plus I have other chronic painful conditions which overlap so it’s difficult to tell what’s causing what.
    Even the consultants can’t say , they’ve offered me major surgery but they don’t know if it will ease
    the pain! !
    Sativex is prescribed by Dr’s , it’s a derivative of cannabis but with the “high” taken out from what I can gather. It comes in spray form .




    Hope – have you thought about buying CBD?



    Hi All, I’m sure we were talking about cannabis on another topic not that long ago and remember now where i have heard Sativex, and CBD. anyway Hope i hope you can lower your pain levels to a more manageable level whatever it is. if there was any drug that would lower the types of pain we are all in and actually worked there would only be one on the market. seems to be like that of cold and flu remedies none of them work its just a way of companies cashing in. take care all and best wishes. Lee

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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