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    I know people can’t diagnose here, but any ideas?

    I have a horrible sharp pain on the bottom right side of my ribs to the side. It is sore to touch, hurts on breathing and turning over in bed, twisting etc is agony. This has started up for no apparent reason, I’m wondering if I have broken a rib or torn a muscle but have no idea how I could have done it. I know there is no treatment for this kind of thing, but should probably go to my doctor anyway, but I just hate going with something else, I see more than enough doctors already for my usual problems.




    Hi Kitty, sounds like what you have already mentioned just get it checked to make sure, I cracked a rib just by turning my head to one side and sneezed. as i was talking to someone, and another time done it by pushing on a drill to go through a brick wall. so easily done and stupid things can do it. I know somebody who was sitting in a chair and lent over the arm to reach something that fell onto the floor and broke a rib. I know you dont like keep going to drs but I would get it checked out be on the safe side and least you know what it is thats causing you pain. Take Care and Best Wishes. hope you feel better soon. Lee



    I agree, get it checked. I broke a rib just by a severe coughing fit while I was pregnant. Obviously they didn’t want to x ray me but when they realised I couldn’t even lie down to be examined, out came the lead apron and I got the x ray- mainly to make sure it wasn’t anything else.



    Hi Kitty
    I had a pain in my ribs like yours and the GP decided it was a torn muscle but you should get it checked out just to be sure.
    All the best Caroline



    Thanks everyone. I was sent for an Xray by the physio…nothing broken, diagnosis is a tear in an intercostal muscle. It doesn’t feel as though I’m being stabbed with a knife whenever I breathe now…. just really sore and extremely badly bruised. Nothing visible to see however!

    Wow, who knew it could be this painful- and up to 8 weeks to heal, apparently 🙁

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