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    I’m in a whole load of pain and not coping so need some support/help. I can’t stand the pain.

    I had a Nevro SCS 3 months ago and all was going OK until 8 weeks post op. I was being really careful with the movement restrictions that you have and not taking my risks. One night when I was really tired I was laid semi reclined on my bed and bent my knee and lifted my left leg and went to touch my foot. This has really really flared my right lower lumbar facet joints and I’m finding it unbearable.

    I have a follow up appointment on 4 May with the SCS Neurosurgeon so will update him.. I used to find radiofrequency ablations helpful on my lower lumbar facet joints but I don’t think the neurosurgical SCS dr does them so I made a private appointment to see my spine ortho surgeon who did them on me last year.

    I’m so frightened I’ve blown it as I was getting good pain relief in my lower lumbar area from the SCS. I can’t believe I was so silly in a thoughtless moment last thing at night when I was tired. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this pain till the 17th and that is only for an appt and not for the actual treatment. How to cope till then??? I’m using distraction by doing things laid on my bed and listen to a body scan recording at night. Please help me get through this xx



    Hi Dalhousie, If that was me why wait till 17th .If I was in so much pain I couldn’t cope i would go to A&E and let them know and tell them your not coping with the pain and need some sort of relief before you do something stupid even if you wouldnt do anything stupid tell them that, and they will help, dont let them fob you off to go home , just keep telling them you need help with pain. Hope your in a better place soon and keep in touch with this site. Take Care and Best Wishes. Lee


    Jan Sadler

    Hi Dalhousie, I feel for you. When my pain gets out of control I go back to basics and do everything I can remember that I tell everyone else to do!

    Relaxation CDs, resting more, moving as much as possible but not for long. Reading, crosswords, etc. Watch funny movies, audio books, drawing, etc. etc.

    Hot baths are a life saver for me, they really do reduce the pain for quite a while. It’s an effort to get into one, but I never regret it! I’m just off for one now, actually, as I too have a bad flare-up of pain.

    The fear is the worst part, isn’t it? Do your best to keep your spirits up, taking control of the pain and doing things that will help to ease do help with the fear. Repeat little comforting words to yourself like “I can handle this, I know what to do”, “Be still, this will pass”.

    I hope you soon get some improvement and reassurance, keep in touch.
    Jan at PainSupport



    Hi Dalhousie

    Sorry the pain is so bad for you.

    You have our support- really you do. One can feel so alone when the pain is bad…but in fact there are so many of us! It is absolutely not your fault that you are feeling worse. It sounds like something you did without thinking- and I know I’ve done that on numerous occasions!

    It can be very daunting feeling that you have so many days to get through. Just get through now…and only now. The days feel so long when the pain’s bad. I just ‘get through’ bit by bit, in small sections of about an hour and break up the day with a beverage, listening to something, lunch, tv prog etc… Be as kind to yourself as you would if it was a good friend who was struggling with the same thing.

    I agree with Ic, but I would suggest a ‘walk-in’ clinic if they have one in your area ( our local one is brilliant)…or see a different GP at your surgery and tell them you NEED some pain relief temporarily that you can take until you have the appointment.

    Keep in touch

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    Thank you for the replies. Your support is much appreciated. I feel so isolated and alone in the house with my 87 year old mother who isn’t that great currently. It helps just to write it down. Flare ups I can handle but this is permanent and won’t calm down unless I have ablations – I’m praying they will be as effective as before.

    I don’t tolerate meds well at all just Dihydrocodeine, Paracetamol and Nortriptyline. I’ve gone back to a similar level of inactivity that I had b4 the SCS lying on my bed (knitting, TV and my iPad for distraction) and pottering round the house at intervals. It’s the only way I can cope with it but depressing that I’m almost back at square 1. I hope and pray I have the ablations and it calms down my lower facet joints so that eventually I go back to the pain relief that the SCS gave me for my standard facet pain when the ablations wear off.

    When my movement restrictions with the SCS have ended it makes me too scared to do flexion type movements. I got a private chiropodist to come to the house to do my feet the last week so better do that every 8 weeks or so. I’m on benefits so that will get pricey at £28 but better than the situation I’m in now with my back. The chiropodist said the NHS only does podiatry for diabetics and not for disabled people.

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