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    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice from fellow members who may have had their opioid regime stopped or changed. I have been taking 60mg of MST since failed spinal surgery in 2012 left me with chronic pain. I have recently been seeing a pain nurse at my local hospital since last August. Recently she has decided to switch my opioid regime firstly reducing my morphine from 90mg to 60mg which i did in one go. She then asked me to reduce further but i started with bad withdrawal symptoms. When i saw the pain nurse last Tuesday the agreed plan we had was to reduce morphine as oxycodon was introduced but this was changed to a complete swap. For a week and a half i have been having a horrendous time. My pain score has gone from around 6 to 9.5, i can hardly walk. Sleep disturbance is dreadful only managing 3 hours a night the pain is agonising i am running a temperature and craving sweet foods. My bladder has given up the ghost as have my bowels. Im having to ISC four times a day as bladder will not function. If anyone else has gone through something similar i would appreciate if you would share with me how long things lasted for and how you are coping now. Feel utterly desperate and unlike before i have got no rescue meds in the form of oromorph i am geting really worried. Many thanks David



    I think you should contact that Nurse asap David, you should be weaned very slowly of opoid medication not in large chunks every few months and then experience terrible withdrawl.
    You should also speak to your GP, no-one should be left in pain like that, and you seem to be suffering from all the other symptoms of withdrawl.
    Hope you get sorted today.
    T 🙂



    Hi David,

    So sorry you’re going through such an awful time. Is your pain nurse qualified to deal with such a serious alteration of your medication, because it sounds as if you’re being put through unnecessary suffering. Have you been in touch with her to tell her how you’re feeling? Is this pain nurse part of a pain clinic?

    I’m about to go through a change of drugs too, coming off Fentanyl and going over to Longtec and Shortec. I thought I’d be taken off Fentanyl slowly whilst the other drugs were being introduced. But apparently not!

    I went through a similar situation when I was taken off Tramadol suddenly, but the withdrawal symptoms only lasted a short time.

    It seems very unfair that drug addicts get help when they are weaned off recreational drugs, but you are not, apparently.

    Can you get in touch with your gp and get something to ease all these horrible withdrawal symptoms? When will you be given your oxycodone?

    I do hope that these withdrawal symptoms don’t last much longer.

    All the best.

    Annie x

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    Hi David, I agree with Navchic and Anniekat, Whenever I Had to come off Opoids It was done at 10mg at a time and a week or 2 weeks intervals not in 30mg chunks as this will cause problems, especially if you have been on morphine for some time. when I came off of it they tried to do that to me and I went a bit crazy. sweating, nightmares ect. halucinations. went to my Gp and he went bolistic at the nurse who done this to me. went back on it at my old dose and slowly came off at 10mg at time as i’ve said above. took me 6-8 weeks to be off it completely. Definately go and see Gp or different nurse at pain clinic asap. Hope you get sorted and pain levels under control soon. Take Care and best wishes. Lee



    Too fast.

    I’ve been through opioids tapering several times.

    Reduce by 10 mg per day every 2 weeks.

    If you get withdrawal symptoms, you go back up by 5mg until they settle.

    Any good GP would know this.

    Hope you get proper help.




    I was switched from morphine to oxycodone immediately with like for like dosages but I had only been on the mophine for a week or so. YOu definitely need to see your doctor right away or pain consultant when you are having such severe problems, especially your bladder. She obviously hasn’t got your oxy dosage right for a start but that shouldn’t be happening. See teh consultant as a matter of urgency.



    Hi David, so sorry to hear that you are going through all these things, I agree with all the other members of the forum, I too was on a lot of morphine, plus oranmorph as a quick fix, not so long ago my wife had to get my GP out for a home visit, he took me off the oranmorph completely, by roughly the same time the next day, on top of the pain I felt really bad, shanking hot and cold sweats, as it was the weekend my wife phoned the out of hours doctor, who told me to imeadily take my usual dose of oranmorph within 15 minutes thank God I felt back to my usual self, I no we put a lot of confidence in are GPS and pain teams unfortunately they don’t always get it right, if I was you I would definitely seek advise somewere, you shouldn’t have to be going through that, here is hoping for a brighter future for you David



    Hi All,

    I was interested to read about your various experiences with coming off opioids.

    My gp has suggested that I change from Fentanyl 100mch and on to Longtec /Shortec. The Fentanyl wasn’t lasting the 72 hours it’s supposed to.

    I was told to stop taking all the Fentanyl in one go, and take a beginner’s dose of Longtec /Shortec.

    I’ve had the most horrendous time with pain levels rocketing, lack of sleep, sweating and anxiety attacks. My dose of the new drug is being increased very slowly until I’m getting a similar level of pain control as I was on Fentanyl.

    But it’s been awful! I’m hoping to feel better soon!

    Annie x



    I believe that to do a full removal in one go of your fentanyl, and put you into really very significant withdrawal state was very wrong and dangerous. Your 100mcgm patch is a high dose. If you read up it clearly says that withdrawal must be very slow. The drug can stay in your system for many days.
    I am shocked to hear this. I hope it does not get worse.
    Good luck!!


    Eileen Asbury

    Hi David
    I agree with the rest of the members. It should have been much slower and yes Annie you shouldn’t have had to go through that pain {I think I said that to you? in a pm}

    I was on MST due to a fractured greater trochanter bone {which will never heal} 10mg x 2 a day. It went up to 20 x 2 Then before my TKR I was having bone on bone rubbing together so my GP was going to put it up to 30 x 2 a day but the computer wouldn’t let her??? So she put me on zomorph 30 x 2 and that worked OK thank goodness. You say you had no oramorph for breakthrough pain? I don’t know what I would do for the miute if I didn’t have it there to take when necessary. Today nothing but I will probably have 5ml before bedtime but sometimes its 2 5mls
    It’s def. not right like everyone else says go to the GP and see what he says
    Hopefully you will have done something since you posted this. I would love to hear how you are getting on


    Eileen Asbury

    I forgot to mention that the Fracture of the greater trochanter bone happened 4 weeks post op My 2nd hip replacement. My notes said I had osteopenia, not osteoporosis……I was due my next DEXA about 6 months after my op. No one mentioned the exercises except to say do them all. It was one particular one that I was doing when the fracture happened. When I went into hospital {not able to walk} they said it seems like you have Osteoporosis……sent me for a DEXA and ye3s I had. so they blamed that on the fracture. Nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t advise me to be careful with that particular exercise. !!!!!



    Hi guys so sorryI havent replied sooner or thanked you all for your response. After going through hell finally got an urgent appointment to see the pain nurse who added in tapentadol also had my SCS reprogrammed by the Boston Scientific Rep who adter 18 months of failure got it working on 1oo% of pajn areas. That next week was just bliss had occasions when my psin score was zero and at its worst 4/10. Then had another appointment with the pain nurse who has increased tapentadol and reduced oxycontin so back to square 1 pain wise. I have phoned them and all i get is its a bit of withdrawalnow from oxycontin and to try abd see it through yet again. I feel so frustrated and angry should if being going to the theatre tomorrow night got wheelchair seat sorted and everything but will end ip having to cancel if still suffering such severe pain.



    How are things now, David?
    I’ve been reducing my morphine since November, and quite frequently suffer with withdrawal symptoms. Happy to talk.



    Why are they so insistent on reducing your pain relief if it’s working for you? I’m afraid no matter how qualified the nurses are, it shouldn’t be their decision but your consultant’s. I think I’d be demanding to see him. What they did with the reduction was dangerous to say the least. If reducing the oxy has you in so much pain then they’ve reduced it too much. I know what I would do and that is refuse to reduce it any more until I’d seen the consultant.

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