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    Hi…I have been suffering for 6 months with pelvic pain due to ovarian cysts. a benign tumour and adhesions. Medication is not helping and I’m in agony. Consultant says my adhesions are a real mess and he thinks it is too dangerous to operate incase I bleed out. He will see me in 4 weeks and maybe do a laporoscopy to see if there is any change and may then try to cut through the adhesions.
    Has anyone had any success with other pain relief for this condition. My pain is also in my vagina and pubic bone area. Thanks for reading this as I’m at the end of my tether. Lincris



    Medication is Longtec 20mg x2 and shortec 5mg x 6



    Have you tried an osteopath who could try to release the fascia? They could also help with the pubic pain by releasing tight muscles that could be trapping the nerves. I had months and months of pudendal neuralgia. I couldn’t sit down at all and it prevented me from sleeping it was so bad. The osteopath worked on the external muscles on the route the pudendal nerve travels and managed to release it although I still have to be very careful not to sit on hard chairs and to keep my pelvic floor relaxed. The adhesions are still a problem especially when I get bloated, take antibiotics or when my opiates cause constipation. They’ve caused a partial bowel blockage and have stuck to the nerves that exit my spine. NO one will even attempt a laparoscopy in case they go in where the bowel is stuck. They could perforate it. I long for someone to open me up and put everything back where it belongs but I know it would cause even more adhesions. There is one surgeon in Germany that a lot of people seem to go to, especially from America but I wouldn’t risk it.




    I do not doubt Di’s good intentions but, please, please, do not go to an osteopath or chiropractor without the express consent of your consultant. Manipulation of any site with adhesions can cause the scar tissue to rip apart as it is not flexible. Then you would bleed out internally. Scar tissue is notoriously difficult to manage and must be under the supervision of a surgical consultant.

    As for longtec and shortec, I’m on 40mg three times daily and 10mg four times daily for my conditions. It is oxycodone which is supposed to be twice as strong as morphine, but only works for me if I take 30mg of shortec all at once. If you take paracetamol at the same time, it’s supposed to work better, but that’s never worked for me.


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