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    Jan Sadler

    As you may know, when Picasa was closed all our Club photos were transferred to Google Photos.

    At the time, Google Photos didn’t have all the features we wanted so I made a FaceBook Photo Group which a few people have been using successfully.

    However, I think there are many more who don’t use FaceBook and might like an alternative way to access the photos.

    So if you are interested in joining our Google Photos clubs, please let me know, either by posting below or email me using the Contact Us page.

    Obviously I don’t want to run two different Photo Clubs, so eventually one of them will have to be closed.

    If you are using the Facebook Club, maybe you could try out the Google club and let me know your feelings about it. I’ll send you the link.

    Many thanks
    Jan at PainSupport



    Hi Jan,

    Could you give me details of the Google photoclub please. Thanks!

    Annie x



    Hi Jan
    Excellent news. Please could you give me details of the Google photo club.
    Rose x



    Hi Jan,
    Please give me the details of Google photo club.
    Many thanks and best wishes to you. Lee



    Hi Jan ,just loaded a few pictures to google photo club. i found it easy to use and better than me going through my wifes facebook and trying to set up a page as my computer had conflicts with trying to set one up for myself so without setting up a new email. found it so much easier this way on google. so would love it if its feasible with you to keep this. if not never mind. Hope you are well, take care and best wishes, Lee



    I uploaded a photo onto the Google photos to see how it worked. It probably reaches more ppl as not everybody does social media. You can’t “like” pics like you can on fb though. I’m frequently on fb so it’s no effort to go on the painsupport photo album but it hasn’t had so many ppl posting with their pics. I don’t mind either way but Google which everybody can easily access will probably get more postings.



    I’m so sorry, I’ve lost both FB groups and the Google groups. Can you send them again please?


    Jan Sadler

    Thanks, Di, I’ve sent you an email with the links.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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