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    Eileen Asbury

    Hi Angybaby
    Thanks for the information about the scooter and the car. Hope you didn’t think I was being nosey.
    My car is just a little Nissan Pixo and the inside of it {storage} isn’t big at all. The boot is tiny. but I suppose I’m lucky. I have that and my husband has a Toyota it fits into that car OK. I don’t like his big car. I like my small ones. I’ve tried lifting the battery before and its heavy. so I’m better not taking it pieces I suppose
    The scooter lives in the back of Peter’s car LOL except during the good months when I might just want it out to go to the village.
    I’m on crutches and have had both hips replaced but I can put the crutches in the back seat of my car and get in and go. Lots of places I go I can hire a scooter.
    Enjoy it and let us know how you get on

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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