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    HI all

    I checked out the ‘how to log in’ section at the top of the forum and found this free course online. I have just finished week 2 and I feel I am really learning a lot. I had a very poor experience of our local pain management clinic, so I am really happy to have the chance to learn more about this approach and the causes of chronic pain, and how to live better with it.

    I cannot recommend this particular approach, as I have only done 2 weeks, but it seems ( to me) to be quite practically based so far and quite different from the CBT approach…and it is ideal for me as I can work at my own pace and do it in tiny chunks.

    Thanks to Jan, and do check it out if you might be interested- you can browse the course without actually doing it, but you do need to register first.

    A free course on managing chronic pain:




    Is that a free one or do you pay for it?



    You do the whole course for free, but if you want a certificate at the end then you must pay. They seem keen for people to take what they need from the course, and just do as much as they can manage.



    Hi Helen

    I also did some of the modules. I think it is very good and lots of interesting things in there. My only concern is it does not have enough input from people with chronic pain. It seems to be geared more towards professionals rather than users.

    I would be interested in your views on it as you go through it – it covers a lot. Like you, I have poor experience of pain management and believe we need to have a much wider range of treatments available. Good luck with the course




    Hi Helen, i did browse and do some of it but most of it is what i already knew. seems to be more preventative and risk attitudes and as Martin says seems to be geared for professionals educating them a bit more. we are all human and sometimes do stupid things or experience poor pain management from time to time but that’s living for the moment I think, could be a good course for someone new to living with pain.give them some new attitudes to it all. must admit there was some good bits that i had forgotten about.seems that i have a good team of drs, and physio team that keep looking out for new ways of dealing with people like myself, compared to some areas of the country. Thanks for finding it. take care and best wishes .Lee

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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