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    have just listened to a podcast about using herbal remedies as part of pain management.

    Have any of you found that Cat’s Claw has been useful? Apparently it is an anti-inflammatory.




    Never tried Cats claw. Were any others mentioned? Turmeric in the form of golden paste us supposed to be good for inflammation.


    Jan Sadler

    I tried Cat’s Claw some years ago and didn’t notice any difference at all. Is there a Medical Herbalist near you? If so it would be worth seeing one as they know combinations of herbs to take that work better than one herb alone. They usually operate out of natural health centres or sometimes you can find one in Yell online.
    Jan at PainSupport



    I always like the idea to try things that are not medications…but I must admit no luck yet! Golden paste didn’t do anything and was so vile…

    I do find my essential oils helpful though.

    Good idea Jan- but not wanting to pay out for a practitioner at the moment.



    I too tried Cats Claw and didn’t notice any difference. We are all different though so it might be worth trying.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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