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    Hi All
    I haven’t posted for ages but need some advice please, my MRI says refer to spinal surgeon but I need a name as I had an awful experience with my last two surgeries and will not go back there. NHS I don’t care where so long as the surgeon is good.


    Jan Sadler

    Hi Lorna

    I’m sorry but we aren’t allowed to post the actual names of doctors on the forum. We can name hospitals but not individuals. However, there are some named on this link:–trust-We-asked-experts-themselves.html
    I hope this helps you.
    Jan at PainSupport



    Please PM me.

    I can help you on this one.




    Hi Lorna,

    Well, I had 2 good surgeons do my spine operations. Both had excellent standards of work, lots of experience etc. etc. I researched them thoroughly beforehand. This did not stop them not telling me the risk of nerve damage which I’ve now got for the rest of my life plus the original back pain. Later surgeons I saw told me I was wrong to have 3 ops on the same site, like it was my fault. I wouldn’t go near any surgeon now unless my life depended on it.


    Jan Sadler

    Hi Fritz

    Many thanks for offering to help Lorna. We don’t have a PM service on the forum so I’ve passed your email address to Lorna.
    Jan at PainSupport

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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