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    Has anybody read any good ‘page-turners’ lately?! x


    Please note, I’ve joined some previous ‘good read’ posts together here so they are all easily accessible in the same topic.
    Jan at PainSupport



    Gone girl, by Gillian Flynnn
    Flavours of Lve, Dorothy Koomson
    My husband next door ,Catherine Aaliott

    S x




    If you liked GONE GIRL, you’ll enjoy BEFORE I ; TO SLEEP by S.J. Watson. Try it?!

    Annie x


    Jan Sadler

    Also ONE DAY by David Nicholls, and THE POISON TREE by Erin Kelly.



    I am a cat lover so they’re not everybody’s cup of tea but they’re very easy reads:

    Dewey: The small-town library cat who touched the world.
    A Street cat named Bob.
    The World according to Bob.
    Casper the commuting cat.

    I’m currently reading Homer’s Odyssey which I’m enjoying – it’s about a kitten who is completely blind but finds a loving home.

    There’s also a follow up to the Dewey book which I haven’t read yet called: Dewey’s Nine Lives.

    If there are any Poirot fans I’ve noticed a book by David Suchet called “Poirot and me” which looks quite good so I think I’ll have a go at that when I’ve finished the Homer & second Dewey book.



    just enjoyed ” Dancing in the Dark” by Rita Bradshaw.



    I’m a cat lover too, and am looking forward to watching the Imagine programme about Judith Kerr, the author and illustrator of the Mog books. She’s 90 this year. But I’m feeling very sad because I didnt realize that Mog had died! X



    PS I’m reading a Wexford mystery by Ruth Rendell at the moment. I also enjoy her books when she writes as Barbara Vine. X



    Ive just finished ‘A Captain’s Duty’ which is the book at about the real life Maersk Alabama ship captain who got abducted by Somalian pirates. Not a long book but worth a read.




    anniecat we always bought every Mog book when my children were small and the book when Mog died had us all in tears. But, it was a wonderful book and really helped my children when their own real life pets began to go.



    I’m reading Jodi Picoult’s new book ‘The Storyteller’. It’s a harrowing story of life for the Jews in WW2. It isn’t the author’s usual format and it’s not an easy read. I’ll choose a happier book to read next I think. X



    Just finished The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley and The Witness Nora Rober.



    I’ve just got ‘Fighting Back, one woman’s search for answers to chronic pain’ by Elizabeth Reilly. Not exactly light reading but thought I might learn something.

    Also half way through another big Claire Frances novel called Red Crystal which is proving interesting.. set in the 1960s.



    Saw the Fighting Back book advertised,let us know how you get on with it.



    Yes Primrose, I’ll let you know how the book goes.

    I find I like to have a couple of books on the go, one a lighter read than the other just to keep me going. Of course I really should be reading the books for my sociology course but never mind!

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